Plantation Acquisition

Expanding our trade participation in the upstream sector of the wood products industry is an integral part of our strategy. Sustainable acquisitions and plantations as well as financial viability of projects will be thoroughly evaluated.

To obtain a sustainable volume of wood in its raw form on a long term basis we will need to have adequate forest plantations. We are focusing on acquiring these plantations in a well-planned and phased manner because these plantations are what will ease the pressure on natural forests and meet the ever increasing global demand for wood.

The current worldwide consumption of 15% plantation forest wood is expected to escalate, especially from developing Asian markets like India and China. Plantation forest species like Pine, Teak and Eucalyptus, found primarily in USA, Brazil, Central America and Europe, is expected to meet the increasing demand.

Standing on a 107 year old legacy and great consumer relationships, we have begun participating in the teak trade flow between Africa and India. It is our goal to become the world's largest supplier of plantation teak round logs and sawn lumber, sourced from West and Latin America and marketed to Asia.

To offer the end users processed lumber of optimum quality and to further enhance our portfolio, we will now focus on certified plantations in Latin America and other parts of the globe.

Today, we have 14 direct marketing offices across the world's prime consumption centres selling Kingdom Resources wood products. Europe, India, Vietnam and China itself account for 80% of global wood consumption and we are proud to be present in the each of these promising nations.

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